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Nursery Green

With the re-sodding of our Short game green last fall, we removed around 70% of our total Nursery. In order to get the nursery back we had to restart from new seed. Our first step was to add sand and smooth out the surface, this would result in a better seed to soil contact. We used an 80% sand, 20% organic matter construction mix. With the surface raised and smoothed, we were able to spread 007 bentgrass seed. Once the turf is actively growing, we mowed once a day at a height of .300 inches. That is our approach height, this allows the turf to grow in a dense, uniform surface. We will then slowly lower the height until it matches our greens height which is currently at .90 inches. This process will take a couple months to help reduce the stress of the turf. The purpose of having a fully useable nursery is especially important to plug out any moss, bad ball marks, and any repairs made by a variety of things.


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