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Irrigation Update 7/6/22

We're starting to use some of the new tee and fairway irrigation system. Now that we have larger diameter main lines to provide water, we're able to turn on up to 20 sprinkler heads simultaneously on the same hole without losing water pressure. Previously, we were limited to approximately 6 sprinklers on a given hole at one time. Here we are watering 11 tee complex with 20 heads on at the same time with no drop in water pressure. This will help reduce nightly run times so that the golf course can be irrigated in a more efficient manner.

The sprinkler head installation is continuing to progress on hole 9. We will be looking to complete the 9th hole Thursday afternoon. Once hole 9 is complete we are going to begin installing the greens heads. This involves making a single loop around greens and installing the 10 to 12 heads around the perimeter of the green. These heads will provide proper irrigation coverage for the surrounding rough, roll offs, and approaches. We are expecting to complete up to 4 greens each day. Once the greens loop is complete, the entire hole is complete and the new system will be fully operational.


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