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Irrigation Update 7/16/22

We're now working on the final holes of the project. We'll be looking to finish the fairway and tees installations on holes 1 and 18 over the next few days. Once that is complete, we'll connect the new system at the road crossings, install the greens heads on holes 9 and 17, and then we're done. The hole closures and installation process of the project will be completed this week. We will then take a few days to adjust heads and address any leaks or malfunctions.

We will be testing the new system over the coming weeks. During this process, some areas of the golf course may be wetter than usual but this result will be temporary as we dial in the system. We will continue to keep greens, approaches, and fairways firm and fast for preferred playing conditions. The increase in the number of sprinklers in conjunction with tighter spacing will allow us to irrigate isolated areas of playing surfaces and maintain more consistency with regard to firmness and ball roll. The playability and aesthetics of the golf course will be greatly improved and we can't wait to see the finished product.


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