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Irrigation Update 4/21/22

We've taken a short break from the project due to the rain and wet conditions on holes 6 and 17. Despite the pause, we're making good progress on hole 17. We are nearly half-way complete with the 6" main line installation and we expect to complete this hole this weekend. Once hole 17 is complete, we'll have the main lines completed on holes 6, 11, 12, 13, 16, and 17. This accounts for approximately one third of the main line installation required. After 17, we'll be moving on to hole 7. Hole 7 is the one of the worst areas on the entire golf course with regard to shallow bedrock so we expect this hole to take longer than most of the others. Luckily, once 7 is complete, progress should accelerate noticeably.

Here is the installation of an 8" isolation valve near 13 green. These valves are used to help shut off water to control pipe breaks. The red and blue maxi-cables help power the individual sprinkler heads. The copper wire is installed on top of the pipe and works as a grounding measure against lightning strikes.


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